Info Media Group

Info Media Group, part of the regional OOH Group, has introduced to the Serbian market bus advertising as an improved version of already established service and communication channel, adapted to meet the needs of the local market. We have access to a unique national network of public transport vehicles with wide portfolio of individual services, supported by regional experience and expertise, and a professional local sales team.

Three major directions of communication via public transport vehicles include:
– advertising inside public transport vehicles  (posters, illuminated panels, hangers, full indoor vinyl branding of vehicles, or special branding)
– advertising on the outside of public transport vehicles
– organization of promotions

An advertisement placed inside a vehicle is publicly visible to more than 75% of the population. Indoor branding is aimed at the amount of leisure time our fellow citizens spend commuting to their work, school, friends, which typically takes 22 minutes per ride, and represents the amount of time they spend exposed to the advertisement. The statistics show that 83% of passengers make a purchase within 10 minutes of leaving the vehicle.

This type of advertising medium provides passengers with detailed information about products, discounts, membership cards, and other useful and interesting information.

An advertisement on the outside of a vehicle typically travels 300 km per day during 18 hours in transit, and is visible to everyone. We can offer you advertising space on newly obtained public transport vehicles in Belgrade, and rear window wrap of buses in Novi Sad.

Info Media Group is not only a provider. Our whole team of marketing experts is at your disposal to help you with their knowledge and experience in creating the campaign that best suits your needs, not only by choosing the right volume, number of vehicles, space and time, but also by creative shaping and adapting your brand message to specific characteristics of bus advertising.

We have earned the trust of a significant number of renowned companies which, by means of public transport vehicles, managed to communicate their offer, product or service brand to their target audience.
Governing principles of our business include professional approach, operational efficiency and creating and maintaining quality, long-term relationship with our partners, associates, and clients.

Our group’s offer is constantly developing and improving, which is why we are always in search of new, attractive, accessible, and focused media potentials that would create the appropriate meeting point for your brand and your target group.