What (expectant) mothers should know about chemicals?

IMG supported a campaign launched by the Ministry of Health and Association of Toxicologists. Indoor bus branding campaign included posters with educational content for mothers about potentially dangerous substances that can affect babies’ health.

Project „ Well informed mother – healthy baby – safe living with chemicals “ providing basic information about chemicals in our environment and also providing guidelines for healthy choices.

Association of toxicologists is a formal group of citizens who are engaged in toxicology.

Toxicology is a scientific discipline that involves the study of the adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms and the practice of diagnosing and treating exposures to toxins and intoxicants. The relationship between dose and its effects on the exposed organism is of high significance in toxicology. Factors that influence chemical toxicity include the dosage, duration of exposure (whether it is acute or chronic), route of exposure, species, age, sex, and environment. Toxicologists are experts on poisons and poisoning. Paracelsus, father of modern toxicology once said that dose determines poison.

We must be  responsible for the welfare of  future generations.